Well, I have a good reason for not liking giggly girls.  It makes me cringe when they laugh that awful high pitched hyena laugh.  I was always laughed at like that in school, so now it kind of haunts me.  It is just that certain type of laugh that bothers me.  It goes right through me.  I guess it is when they are high pitched and when it sounds like they are laughing AT someone.  It would only make sense that way since that is what I was always hearing.  I was never the one laughing.  I was jealous when they would laugh and I was left out.  Also, when every other thing that comes out of someone's mouth is a giggle, I usually cannot stand it.  Even the silly things have a little bit of seriousness in them.  A person has to be serious SOMETIME.  Even if they are not serious at all, they probably pretend to be silly at times.  (Don't take it personally gigglers!)



















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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I Am quite the opposite. I love being around giggly girls. I love it when they humiliate me. I imagine you think I am weird but I am a guy with a few harmless fetishes. One is wearing girlie underwear. Also spanking and humiliation.
Many people find humiliation a bad thing but not me.
I think there is no harm in being different.
One there were a group of girls sitting near me in mcdonalds. One knew me and knew all about my crossdressing. She obviously told the others for they were looking round at me giggling almost hysterically. This was flowed by much teasing which I loved every minute even though I was obviously embarrassed