First time in months I'm going to church. I wish I could go and not be the person everyone focuses on and judges but unfortunately I'm always that person. Just hoping I don't walk out of church like I always do... I use to love going but a short while after I got saved I quit going and decided the Christian life wasn't for me.
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I hope you didn't accept Jesus as your Redeemer just to go to church... Your relationship with God should not depend on anyone other human being or any church or organization. Yeah it is nice to meet other believers and share thoughts on God. But unfortunately a lot of churches are not into true fellowship. They are into ceremony or entertainment or condemnation or factionalism and competition..

Human are faulty so do not make your foundation other humans because that foundation will never stand forever.

I've been going to church since I was 4 I got saved not to long ago. I just quit going because I was unsure how I really felt about church and now I just don't think I should go anymorr

Have you read the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament? I encourage you to get to know what Jesus is all about so that you base your long term beliefs not on churches or some preacher pastor or pope.. If a person is going to accept or reject Jesus then they should know who they are rejecting or accepting.. Too many people accept a church then reject a church and they think they are accepted Jesus then rejecting Jesus when in fact they have never known Jesus at all. Make sure your not one of those people.

I have read all the bible and understand it. I knew when I was accepting Jesus what I was accepting but I realized I rather live my life the way I want to instead of living it the way the bible says.

Was that out of the inability to live it the way the Bible says it or was it out of disagreement with the way the Bible says it?


Thanks for your honesty.

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