So Odd

I love my besties and care about my circle/friends even though we may not often chat. When we really drift, they may go off my friend list.

But about this new feature~ it's rather annoying, to get presents from complete strangers.
  I am sorry, but  it's not meant for ME It's meant for their friends who they are acquainted with and know something about and care to make a personal gesture. They know them and care enough to make a personal gesture of kindess , this is they key here. I do not like random hence flippant ergo meaningless acts of any sort, the world is full of them and now on ep also?

The things which bugs me is Impersonal nature of the group gifts or even gestures. With gestures somehow it's a lesser statement but gosh a GIFT wow!
You better give a little rats azz before you sent me a gift...sheesh lol

Now, when I get either from a bestie, a person i know well enough and feel comfortable and actually know that they would send me a gift/gesture irrespective of whether of not it's a group one , and in fact have done so. I am totally fine and happy to get it. This is the big difference when i know you and you know me and you CARE it's fine and awesome and I thank you :).

Group gifts just are not a personal touch when i get it from a random person, sorry. I don't like this new EP feature.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

BINGO ! :) Yup it's so 'belch' as you put it sister.<br />
<br />
I love you and hope you are doing well dear <br />
*Hugs and kiss*

I didn't realize it was a new feature--I've been wondering why I keep getting "hugs" and "kisses" from strangers. Kind of creeps me out. THis one person sent me 5 in two days--along with messages that made no sense to me since it sounded like she knew me and we are not even circle friends. Blech.