Its Ignorant

I agree I hate it when guys prentent to be girls. Cross dressing is sick and ignorant. I get so tired of all the ignorant people these days. It's one thing to be horny. its one thing to enjoy sharing your wife. its one thing to enjoy being the shared wife. its one thing to want to make love to a married women. But seriously being or acting  as women when your born a man really stupid or acting as a man when your a women retarted and completely ignorant.
tesley tesley
3 Responses May 11, 2012

I'm on your side cause you really are going to go full through with it and get a sex change. i hope it for the right resone such as cause that who you want to be and are not cause it what others wnt or cause of whearing clothes as a kid or somthing. Really I'm on the it's ok side just not on the force it side or just do because side. Personaly I prefer shemales and would even consider marrieing a shemale.

It is retarted but its its not wrong to go ahead and change over your sex its just wrong to be forced to or to pretent to be a transexual with having full change or planing to change over to opisit sex. I also think its wrong to raise kids as such its one thing for them to choose to change its a nothing for them to be changed by mom or dad or both.

this is a complete contradiction of your comment on another post where you said, and i quote "Ok I agree it is different. true trangenders are cool." so which side of the fence are you on? i am transgender, i dress like a woman 24/7, and i plan on having a sex change in the very near future. do i act like a woman? yes! because i feel like a woman on the inside. this is who i am, this is life, not lifestyle. my gender is between my ears, not my legs. i hope and pray you can gain a better understanding about this, but its not likely, only trans people really know what its like... thank you