I Do Not Get It

Like the title says I do not get it. All these guys have avatar pics of girls and then you find out they are a guy. Now I know I have snoopy but I am not trying to be snoopy and would not expect anyone to think I am snoopy. Why do you want to pretend to be the opposite sex? Some one explain it to me please.
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5 Responses Jul 11, 2012

why would a guy pretend to be a woman?

They're probably desperate for something...

Good thought :)

I actually never knew guys did that :/ Perhaps they're just trying to trick the men, because I've never had that problem O_o

I know of creepy guys trying to pick up extremely younger girls, but never heard of them pretending to be women... creepy O_o

This seriously cracked me up. You aren't trying to be snoopy?!? Oh hell so funny.

I know what you were meaning and it is very weird. But your snoopy comment was still hilarious.

Low self esteem !

I do not know why, but they always make a mistake, real women latch on fast, they will make a mistake and get found out.