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I Do Not Get It

Like the title says I do not get it. All these guys have avatar pics of girls and then you find out they are a guy. Now I know I have snoopy but I am not trying to be snoopy and would not expect anyone to think I am snoopy. Why do you want to pretend to be the opposite sex? Some one explain it to me please.
hey123you hey123you 41-45, M 7 Responses Jul 11, 2012

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why would a guy pretend to be a woman?

They're probably desperate for something...

I guess.

Not really sure.
I think some think they will be able to talk to more women if they say they are one.

Good thought :)

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I actually never knew guys did that :/ Perhaps they're just trying to trick the men, because I've never had that problem O_o

Everyone on here says it happens.

I know of creepy guys trying to pick up extremely younger girls, but never heard of them pretending to be women... creepy O_o

I . Think they say they are lesbian or something.

This seriously cracked me up. You aren't trying to be snoopy?!? Oh hell so funny.

LOL Thanks for the comment.
no but that is the point people get I like snoopy but know that is not me. When you see an avatar of a girl you think it is them.Some actually let you think they are girls.

I know what you were meaning and it is very weird. But your snoopy comment was still hilarious.

Glad you liked it.

I left one thing out...the guys that think that if they pretend to be bi girls then real girls will sex chat with them..they forget that some of us real women are straight...<br />
Really tho...most of this is just guys talking to guys...whether they know it or not...xoxo

That is funny guys think they aretalking to woman end up being guys to guys guess they get what they put out.

that is too funny - if all the guys are really talking to other guys thinking they are girls! I can just imagin the chatting going on.

yea the jokes on them

yea maybe u r female and I'm male !!

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I think it is for more than one reason...they like any kind of sex chat they can get...they think its funny...they are gay...or ..they are creating what in their minds is the perfect woman according to their fetish or insecurity..<br />
I think about 95% of the females with lots of sex topics groups are guys..I prove it over and over again when I see their pics and I recognize them as pics that have been on the net for years...<br />
And there is more...there are guys here using net pics and claiming its their wife..there was once two different guys claiming this one woman was their wife..anfd she was not married to either of them..I knew exactly who she was..<br />
This was one of the reasons I posted a pic with my name written down my leg in magic marker..a proof pic...of course..I have a website too backing me up..<br />
Hope I helped a little bit..xoxo..TW

I suspect that very many profiles on EP are either false or seriously distorted. You have to not take it too seriously and suspend disbelief.

I guess so

yes this helps thanks. I have seen pics that i saw other places here also.

Low self esteem !

I do not know why, but they always make a mistake, real women latch on fast, they will make a mistake and get found out.

takes me about 4 seconds...less if they are pretending to be 18-21..