Sorry Guys

I love this site and I feel very thankful for the people who run it but I don't like having the EP people as friends.  I've friended a number of them but each time I've ended up deleting them.  They mean well and don't do anything offensive of course.  That's part of the problem though.  Not that I enjoy being offended but I appreciate hearing peoples true opinions.  I know they cannot express their true opinions cause they have to represent the site.

I really don't appreciate the constant greeting cards.  And the messages and comments  they leave are always so friendly but quite impersonal.  I know they have to be that way so as not to offend anyone and to present the best face of EP.  But it comes out as being very boring.  I like people who really have opinions and something to say.  No offense EP employees, but I gotta have friends that have something to say.

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6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

That's good to be that way. I guess I'm a jerk in some ways...or at least intolerant. I try to be understanding of all people but I don't necessarily want them in my life.

Lol, I kinda agree and I think I know who you're talking about (the one exception that I mentioned as well); but I put up with in a similar vein like I do with my dad and old people, with a "well they mean well and there's nothing wrong with good intentions"-kinda feeling.

That's cool...I just feel like maybe they could be a little bit less PC about everything. It doesn't make the site look bad to make real comments instead of just saying "that's wonderful". My latest EP friend sends out greeting cards every day if not several per day. Greeting cards are about my least favorite things on this site.

I understand what you mean, but I still have one EP guy in my circle, mostly because (as far as I see it) he went out of his way early on to befriend me, so I figured why the hell not. I do totally get where you're coming from though, and I don't expect any EP characters to be 'real characters' for all the reasons you explained.

I'm not encouraging other people to not friend them....just talking about my "experiences" with them :)

Constant greeting cards? Yuck. I actually be-friended one recently and never got a response. Nice, huh? Perhaps I should de-friend. :P