Why would we enjoy hitting those NEOPHYTES?is this the best way to encourage closeness with fellow frat members?is it really the best way to make those new members to do this types of initation where everyone feel to kill and do the same when they also feel when they started and as a neophytes?
Is this the way to become a CERTIFIED MEMBERS of the FRATERNITY?
I dont understand it thats the reason i dont attempt to be a members of any FRATERNITY not because i dont like someone would hurt me by paddling or by hand its just i dont feel thats the way to be a good society member and by having those types makes you better person or to be qualified as bonafide fraternity members.
Im sure others just feel the urge to do and make forceful trick in order to make everyone not a member of their society or else why would they enjoy hitting them till they bleed and collapse because of the pain that cannot be tolerable anymore?Sad that all that pass away are future law students or with bright future but because they choice to inter fraternity for what they believe cause their life and not knowing that will be the last time they will see their family and will never woke up because they died already.
Hazing should stop and make initiation much better acceptable to be a member of any FRATERNITIES so that students or those who choose to be a member will not suffer or died because of HAZING and make their choosen FRATERNITIES proud one day of what they will achieved and emulates those who will follow and make such an example to everyone that having FRATERNITIES is not so bad at all.
tawam tawam
36-40, M
Jan 17, 2013