Hollywood Glorifying Torcher And Torment

Lately, there have been a lot more horror films in Hollywood. People seem to love horror films; it is like they are attracted to being scared or getting a thrill out of it for a time. Or some people perhaps are attracted to supernatural horrors; such as ghosts or films like The Exorcist. I used to like them myself at point in my life. And now I can't bare to go near them. Even movies about the life as a vampire or a werewolf is glorified; a life of everlasting, but in darkness and you have to sacrifice other humans in order to stay alive.

Why do people like horror movies? Like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." This was based on a true story! This kind of sick act really happened and they made it into a movie as if it's cool to see people getting tortured by some dude with a chainsaw. Even zombie movies are glorified as if a zombie apocalypse could really happen.

I have been watching a lot of testimonies of Jesus showing people that Hell does really exist! And Hell is full of exactly what these films glorify!! Torment and torture for ETERNITY!!!! It is not cool! The devil is trying to take you with him by watching these films, as if this life style will be awesome.

God offers everlasting life through our Savior Jesus Christ. He sacrificed his life for our sins, so you and I would not have to. There are no more sacrifices we have to endure if we believe in Jesus. In heaven we can experience our youth again and never age and live in the light. Vampires never age but in order to stay healthy and vibrant, they need to live off blood. They still have to sacrifice someone's blood. There has already been someone who sacrificed his blood for us!

Praise the Lord!

LuciaRose LuciaRose
31-35, F
Apr 14, 2013