College Inc.

Last night, before I closed down my facebook, I saw a post from a friend of mine, urging everyone to watch an episode of Frontline titled "College Inc.". After, watching it, I realized how unfair the Higher education system is here in the USA. Ironically, growing up in Nigeria and Ethiopia, I saw tons of NGOs building schools. They will eventually graduate from one of these schools and go to a state run university which they will pay practically nothing for. Yet, Americans pay ridiculous amounts of money towards "for profit" schools, which give practically no accreditation. It also mentioned how much the government supports these businesses as it gives them money in loans... Is it not funny how we preach about the vitality of an education, yet we sacrifice all our rights for it.
LeTronique LeTronique
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

It's true. I haven't been able to go to college because of tuition. Even with government I can't afford the payments. My life is at a stand still right now so somebody else can get rich