Stereotypes Are Awful

I try my best to not fall into stereotypes! Even the so called "positive" ones. They're not really all that positive, as they are condescending. :-/

For example, using my own race... there is an stereotype that Black women have huge backsides. Now, that is considered an plus among most men. But, that's a stereotype! There are many Black women who have flat behinds, just as much as any other race... I was included for a long time, as having a flat-behind! But, when I gained so much weight from the medication Paxil, I also gained a huge backside. I have long since lost the weight... Unfortunately, the butt-fat stayed, though. But my point is, I don't have a big butt because I am Black! Mine was Paxil-born! XD

Also, with the current win of our US President. Many want to hint that he got in, because he is Black...  and that many Black People voted for him. Uh, there were more white voters, than there were black, and more white people who held the electoral vote. Obama didn't win because of the Black vote... though we helped a little. But really he won from the overwhelming white vote. And not all Black people are Democrats and they voted for McCain, so there! =p


And it's not just my race either. I don't care for stereotypes of other Nationalities. And I will get angry in a second, if I hear an stereotype! I will and do speak up, correcting those around me. It's not right, either way... The best way, is always to learn about a person's culture and background, not rely on tv or images for info on any race. The media often focuses on stereotypical ideas! So, beware of that information.

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Mar 23, 2009