And Here Is Why.

It must sound so terrible to see it like that - "I don't like human beings". One could easily assume that I'm just bitter, negative or extremely juvenile. Even if I was, I'm not going to leave it at that. I have arguments. 

First thing's first, I try not to say things out of spite or rush my emotions into words. That's not what this is. But another thing I refuse to do is be nice for the sake of niceness. Dishonesty is a trait I cannot forgive, especially not to myself. So, the only reason I'm writing this is out of hope that someone out there might "speak my language". It would be a first on the subject. 

As humans, the most intelligent living beings on planet Earth, we affect the world around us one way or the other. The interesting paradox is that as much as we may have perfected our world over the years, we've also been silently killing it for a very long time. Now, this can mean many things. The most important part of this statement is that our responsibilities are huge. Some of us realize it, others don't, but if you look at the world we live in, really look at it, not on the screen, but out there, live and in real-time, it's easy to see this world could be a much better place. 

The greatest crimes we've committed as species, are most likely the ones we've committed against ourselves and our descendants. We start wars, we spread the hate, we cut down trees, we bring the extinction of animals, we pollute air, we lie, we cheat, we don't recycle except when using a PC. Blah, blah, I know. You know all that. But doesn't it scare you though, just a little? I, for one, am terrified. I'm terrified that my kids may live in the world without lions and leopards, I'm terrified that one of these days some of "the world's leaders" may decide to start another war to fix the economy or satisfy his ego, I'm terrified that we will soon lose all sense of humanity, goodness and morals due to lack of practice, I'm terrified that nobody else is terrified by the fact that our values are vanishing faster than the speed of light, and people aren't even so much as turning their heads anymore. All in all, I am terrified that humans have forgotten to nurture what should be their essence. Humanity.

Yes, there is beauty and there is good left in the world. But our tolerance threshold for what we know is wrong is becoming so high, I feel we might get used to being less and less human every day. I'm not bitching and I'm not whining. I just want and need and wish for the world to be a better place. 


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I am far less forgiving of humanity. I am of the Agent Smith school of humanity. We are like a virus and we devour everything in our paths with utter disregard for even our own survival. Our hive mind is just a big hungry sack of selfishness and denial. It is my opinion that we haven't had humanity in at least a generation or two, our morals are only of convenience if even that. The golden rule became tarnished long before I was born and it has been corroding ever since. The earth would be a better place had we never existed.

Agree with everything MsAnthrope said, it would be a blessing if humans never existed. Wish they were at least banned from contact with animals so they could no longer torture them