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Why Does It Have To Get Humid After It Rains?

I enjoy the rain, especially when it cool things down but here after it rains it gets hot and muggy. Humidity is the worst feeling. You never feel clean, you just sweat and the worst is having to cook when you're feeling like that. Getting up in the early morning and stepping out in an oven is terrible. One thing I hate in the summer is having to close yourself in a your home like a box and keep the a/c on. Its like being trapped.  I can take heat, but the humidity, forget it. I hate it, you would have to take more than one shower just to feel clean, but that doesn't work because you still end up sticky. The slightest thing and you sweat. I'm like everyone else, humidity stinks!

honeysuckle23 honeysuckle23 51-55, F Mar 26, 2010

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