Warm Drinks Have More Flavor

Dont you just hate it when a glass of wine is too cold to have the perfect velvet flavor?

The new hi-gravity beers are better warm.

I dont even like ice in my soda.

Cold hurts my teeth too.

The only time I want something chilled is when I am too hot.

36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Do you guys like Chimay? Tastes great at room temp in a wine glass...

british bitters are better warm

U do not get the full taste of beer when it is ice cold . I know I have brewed my own 4 many years !!!!!!!!

I don't like ice in my drink either as it gives me a headache and alters the flavour. The other day it was very hot (Australia) and I ordered a mango smoothie. It came with crusked ice and from my viewpoint, spoilt it.