Billy The Bartender

So i work at this bar/resteraunt which is pretty cool because i make good money for the amount of time that i work. Plus the atmosphere is extremely relaxed. And i get 1 free meal everytime i work. The only thing that ****** me off is when this bartender named billy gets me a drink. I ask him everytime not to put a lot of ice in the cup, (only because he rufuses to give me one without ice in it) but he always fills the thing up to the brim with it. So i have learned to move in and grab a drink really quick when he leaves the bar for a few minutes to do whatever it is he does. This works most of the time but sometimes he catches me behind the bar. (no one else who bartends cares). He yells as me and finishes fixing my drink. Which the jerk always adds ice.

itchywords itchywords
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010