Going To Eat

Eat what  you like  and you wont have to eat curry. Indian food from india is not very pleasant to taste. I once went out with a date  who liked indian food and broke up with him. My girl friend does not like it either. Indian fry bread is tasty.  Im sure it has no problem disappearing wherever it is sold. Indian fry bread tastes good plain, or with meat, vegetables .cheese, and even when its sweetened. These two different Indian cuisines are on opposite sides of the taste bud sprectrum. Dont ever go to an indian restaraunt unless your into weird tasting food,( or your from india). Native american food disappears, but where are their restaraunts? It is only found at pow wows. Native american food is americas best kept secret.

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Very true, I have a sweet tooth.

Good choice in breaking up with the lad that took you to the east Indian restaurant . There is nothing worst then going out with someone who does know how to compliment food with the meal . As for east Indian foods they can be tasty and spicy ,and knowing the right selection to make . My guess would be you would like sweeter foods like Chinese .

Its differnt things to different tribes. I am chumash. We eat deer meat, fish, shellfish and a thick piece of round bread that tastes like a flour tortilla.