I Should Clean Up My Circle...

...I always say I'm going to clean it up but I never take the time.

Why do you suppose people add you but don't communicate with you?
...wants to see your photos
...wants you to see their photos
...wants to read your stories but not communicate
...waiting for you to speak to them first
...wanting to earn tokens by adding many friends

If you are one who requests an add from people and then does not communicate with them, why did you ask to be added??

OMGitsRiley OMGitsRiley 26-30, F 5 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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I think people add me because they just like something for no real reason.

I want to give everyone in my circle a lot of money and I don't want to not give them. Or maybe a businessy owner.

Seems like the photos deal is the biggest contributing factor. Almost immediately after you add someone or they add you, then you somehow magically get a comment on your photos lol

I'd like to think that people add me for other reasons and some probably do, but overall, I'd think that most want to see if the beauty in the stories equates to physical beauty as well.

When I add someone, it takes me quite a while to even think about looking at their photos. While it's nice to see who you're chatting with, it's not my first concern.

Other than the points you bring up there may be others...

There are people whose stories I enjoy reading but, other than rating up their story, I just don't have enough EP time to comment. Even when my intentions are good..."I'll come back and comment when I have more time"...I'll often forget to do that.

To some degree it's also a function of the EP activity time. If someone in my circle writes a story at 3am my time I probably won't see it because it'll get pushed off my circle activity page before I log in by other entries.

Anyway, I finally caught back up with that Riley chick on this one anyway! :)

As far as thinking I'll come back and comment when I have more time...I do the same thing all the time. Then I'll see something I missed from like three months ago. I hate it when I do that.

That Riley chick is glad to see you!

I do this from time to time. Every couple of months in fact. Usually I will then someone will message me asking why I removed them. We will talk I'll re-add them then a few days later right back to barely speaking. Then I will boot them again and the cycle starts all over.

At least they've actually noticed that you removed them!

Not all. I wiped out 25 people 2 weeks ago. Only 1 messaged me.

Did you tell the person you removed them because there didn't seem to be any communciation between you? If so, did they reply? Just curious.

Yeah. Talked for a few days and right back to the same situation. In fact you and I have talked more to each other then this person and I in like 3 weeks.

You and I have talked more than I have to about 80% of my circle...ever. Go figure.

Well maybe we should be friends. Lol

LOL I was thinking the same thing.

Thanks NG!! Always helps getting your stamp of approval.

Thanks for the tip, NG. It never hurts to have references...especially on EP!

Well right now just a *********. Just you, NG, and myself. Lol

I would highly recommend Hawk as well and I'm certain NG would recommend yes, we're a foursome of recommended people!

Hawk and I are friends now.

He's a great friend to have. :)

It's funny that in a story about lack of communication, there is all this communicating going on!

Yes and new friendships being made. Guess you just need to meet the right type of people on here. I'm glad my comment started all this. Lol

Me too! Just goes to show you never know what can happen with a single comment.

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