This Is Not Facebook, So You Can Say Hi...

Seriously, this is a support network and I'm pretty much open to any chat with intelligent reasoning

A few important things:
I will not exchange explicit sexual pics.
I'm an ex Professional Dominant
I'm a peaceful anarchist
I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair.
I am vegan.
I am a spiritual Pagan.

TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

hey happy to chat any time .I am disabled and unable to work so spend alot of time online unless the suns shining then I am out getting an all over tan and enjoying walking out of town in the country side or at my caravan or gardening .

I have quite a few people in my circle who I have not heard from or added me to their circle.Perhaps these members have their reasons.But I enjoy hearing from those who have added me to their circle.And soon as I add you to my circle,I hope you'll be one of those I hear from.