Please Don'T :)

I am friendly and easy to talk to. I add pretty much anyone cuz I'm looking for a variety of friendships. I stay at home for now with my son, therefore am able to have some real friendships on here. Since I joined almost a month ago I have met some pretty cool people. However, now I can't see them thru the crowd of random people who never communicate. I don't want to be just a # on your friends list to see how big it can get. I want to be able to see your stories and comment on them and your pics. please don't add request me if these aren't similar thoughts. Thanks! xo
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Same thots *nods* This year, the past few months been actively going thru my list of people and cutting some off that just either never log on or have any recent stories that not talk...are a few that don't publicly post but reply asap the same or next day if ever tho = okiedokies~

Totally agree! I'm looking for people to interact with. I'm not into creeping.

Such a great note - i hope you enjoy some of my experiences - and will read yours.

Thanks and will do :)

I do not have a lot of friends on EP but, I have written some stories about my love of being nude, CFNM, socializing naked with friends and ************. I've posted nude pics taken by me and my lovers when I am hard and erect which you may enjoy. Let's try being friends.

Thanks, Lonely. Love your stories and the shaving pics are very cool. My lover shaves me all around my ****, balls and ******* so I know how you must love your man shaving you while you open your most personal body areas to him. Please tell me if you have enjoyed my pics. I love the comments, too!

I have read a couple of your stories to see if I would like to join your group. Well, I have to now as I could find only good things going on. Like you, I am relatively new to this site and am still learning my way around. This is my first time on a social site. Couldn't believe how many people share things I do and are so open minded. Thanks.

Well that's very nice of you! :) yes I try to keep negativity personality attracts haters (even a couple here) but I try to be nice back lol thanks for the comment :)