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People Who Try To Add Me But Dont Talk To Me Wants They Do.

You know what i really hate about this site? people who try to add some one as a friend an they just cilck (add friend) ...-_- like they dont even send you a message first saying they wanna be your friend. Then when they add your @ss they don't talk to you like come on man! that's like bullshit right there hahah, so talk to me if your gonna add me and all that **** lol.
KaylaPetrova92 KaylaPetrova92 22-25, F 6 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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I would like to know you, would you consider adding me?

I would message you but for seem reason i can't haha ^_^

hiiiiii,,,, kayla..... u r right...... even i added many and sent a thanking note and a request for mail or chat but i never get replies from them....... i like to chat or talk with someone who is active and it is not require any sex topic anything which is interesting is acceptable and more welcome... thanks

I completely agree with your thoughts. :)

0.o wow girrrl !!!! I'm so glad I did my part !!!!
Or I'd've been one of these people your talking about right now !!!!

yeah =D bestfriend!!!


You should feature this story as a "Hello" to every1 that add u as a friend =))

lol nah i'll just block them if they dont talk to me lol

hohohaha they add u and after a while they see that they're blocked... that's kind of cruel ))

^_____^ i know , lol