i used to pick up some people to new places that was my job at first
one day i had to wait someone in a street it was late but i need to borrow new shirt from that friend then a man old like 37 years old man came to me and he put the Blade on my neck and push me to his car and then he ..... all the time tthe Blade never leave my neck he force me in to spank sex full sex every day he force me to tell my friends that i will travel far away for long time i for no contact he make me live in his house it was big very big house then i am his slave 3 years now i live with him // the man punish me in all possible way he touch every inch of me it was hell .until the last week he got something i don't know the name the doctors said he had Psychological state of loss of speech and movement and sensation in all parts of the
body i find my self lost i stayed all week looking at his face i understand there is nothing to do i am lost completely
TiagoRodriguez TiagoRodriguez
22-25, M
Feb 14, 2013