I really do hate it...........................I'm constantly cleaning people out of my circle for this very reason. I'm here to meet like minds, get to know people, and share. I want people in my circle who do the same.
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Ahh yes the lurkers. Hahaha

Totally know how you feel.

I've been a little bad myself as of late *frowns*.......... but thank goodness I have a wonderful circle and no one has disowned me *smiles*

I have too...been down in dumps about my again lack of job and no money to pay anything especially my car which I might lose.

Awww, I'm sorry to hear about that *frowns*. I know how tough that can be...............been there and done that myself. Keep your chin up, things will change *smiles*

Indeed, I am enjoying reading your stories, hope to get to know you.

Thanks...............I'm glad you are enjoying them *smiles*

Me too. I spent so long on this site bogged down by so many "friends" and fans that I was missing out on genuine connection. I've gotten rid of most of the dead weight and kept the folks who don't consider me to be just a number...and am enjoying my experience on this site much more for it.

Now I feel obligated to write you every day. It will be a chore, but I'll try...;)

*giggles*...............don't be silly John

You had me at *giggles*....

*clings to my little corner of the room*...don't be trying to sweep me out the door!...*smiles*

Wouldn't dream of it!! *winks*

My wife and I share this account, so we both spend a little time here. Unfortunately, between work, home responsibilities and offline fun activities; our time here isn't as much as maybe we'd like. But that's just life - not just for us but for many. So, we sometimes don't communicate as much as we'd like, but we also never add anyone unless we've read and appreciated one or more of their stories first - and we almost always try to comment or at least rate up the story too.

Also, since we add because we enjoyed a member's contributions and not to collect friends or just to view risque pictures - we also don't mind if they don't add us back. Girlfaith, that's the case with you - we added you, but you didn't add us back. Que sera, no problem!

Just wanted to state that lack of communication can sometimes be an innocent thing. :)

But I did add you(One of the first few friends I added when I joined) we were friends for quite some time. and It was only till most recently that I removed you.

And I want to say that I understand the time crunch for a lot of folks, I'm lucky I have the flexibilty. However, It is what it is, like you said. So no hard feelings, we just didn't match up. *smiles*

As you say, no hard feelings at all. Have a great weekend! too!!

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This is like a HUGE issue in here right now with a bunch of my buddies so you are in real good company. I do the same as you...if they can't be least to some level... I delete them. I run into problems in here cause I am such a chatter box and I get a lot of the folks who only want to write their stuff but pay no mind to anyone else. They just want a person who leaves comments. I've had a few come right out and say they have no time to read anything others write... cause they are writers...not I come right out and tell them...I'm NOT a READER..I am here looking for buddies who can put some care into me too! Needless to say.....that isn't always a real popular thing to say but it's honest so I figure ..what the heck!! :D

Reciprocate........................that's exactly what it is, a 2 way street. I like to write and I like to read. So if I enjoy your story I'm going to comment, and all I ask is you do the same occassionally. *smiles* You may be a chatter box, but the majority of us enjoy what you're chattering about *hugs*

Elandra, aww thanks. Yup, anyone who writes about their life feels that same way...
It is just learning to sort the.. picture swappers, friend collectors, unending sex talkers and non stop writes who never read or bother with anyone else... from the nice folks who know how to be an actual friend.....It can be a challenge sometimes but it is worth the effort!! :)

gf...aww thanks and hugs ♥... Yup.....a 2 way street is what it's all about...

Agree, Sie! I have some friends that aren't really into commenting on the stories, but that I communicate with in messages and stuff and that's cool, too. But I do love when people read my things and I always try to read all my contacts stories, as well (and comment!).
Btw, I do appreciate how active you are with your contacts on here!

lohla, aww thanks. I honestly do like people so it's pretty easy!! :D I have message buddies too and that's totally rocks...

I just wanted to add my 2 cents here *giggles* message buddies are WAY different. I'm not including those friends in my rant.

Message buddies get a total "PASS" on this whole issue!! :D There, now it is officially official!! That almost rhymes huh??? :D steal your verbage, YEPPERS!

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I have a very similar circle. It certainly is odd.

The funniest is I joined this group after being 'friended' by a gentlemen. We discussed how we hated being added and that being the end of it. Ironically I had to cut him loose this morning b/c that was the last conversation we had *giggles* Oh well.

That is absolutely ironic how it appeared to bother him at 1 point, yet not now. I can appreciate having people in your circle where you have many similarities etc. yet this should not be a popularity contest.

Enjoy your smaller circle!

Thank you! Yea definately not a popularity contest.................I left that back in highschool.............many moons ago *giggles*