Only Men

I don't identify the cause of this affliction of sensitivity, but I do know it is only true for me with men. When women yell it is generally shrill, obnoxious, and I can easily brush it off. The skill of removing myself entirely sound awareness is one learned with experience, only to be brought back to focus by a smack, but even then... It's manageable.

On the other hand when a man does so(- friend, professor, stranger, relative- whoever) it is like a crushing grip on my heart. Often intimidating, and even overwhelming to the point of a breakdown. Perhaps it's the tone, or the general air about their person... Whatever it is , it's a quality only men give off.

Anyone else know what I am describing, or an idea why?

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1 Response May 13, 2012

I know that is...It's called wiiiittle kitten syndrome. :P

Pssssh. U know u get scared when i go hulk!