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Lower Your Voice!

There is someone who sits 2 rows away from me at work that when she speaks, I hear every word.  She has a very loud voice and she uses it when she goes to someone's cubicle (even farther away from me) starts talking to them like they're across the room.  I think she got a clue recently when the person who she was talking to responded to her comments in a low voice.  He was only a few feet away from her too.  On top of that she admits she just like talking alot and expressing her thoughts all the time. 

Morgause Morgause 41-45, F 2 Responses Jun 21, 2008

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sounds like an extrovert. If you don't know what an introvert is thinking, it's because you didn't ask. If you don't know what an extrovert is thinking, it's because you didn't listen.

She sort of did yesterday. She seems to be loud when she's enthusiastic about something. She's not a bad person, just annoying at times.