Secrets Are Whispered

Not all Europeans speak with a soft voice.  In some countries speaking loud seems to be in fashion.  Also in the US it is en vogue

My country is one where the voices are soft.  Loud voices are seen as signs of arrogance, bad manners and lack of culture.  It could be wrong to judge others on such trifles.  On the other hand, it's weird that some people think that all they have to say deserves the attention of all innocent bystanders. 

If you listen, which is apparently their desire, you'll notice that their brawling mostly is about nothing indeed.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2010

so it is, Dolly!

Yeah, I dont like ppl shouting on me either .. bad etiquette ~

there's several ways to laugh, indeed...

Also in Canada.......ay?! ! ! !<br />
<br />
But I don't.........I just bounce around........but I do laugh loud....does that count?

Oh, your habit is so understandable and the way curtailed it so gentle, Vixen! Thank you for your comment.

Well i used to work with the elderly, and most were hard of hearing, so i developed a unfortunate habit of shouting everything! Luckily over the past years ive managed to lower my voice to a gentl tone once again!