My Friend Lied On Me

I have this friend,,She has been my friend for 7 years and she acts like she is a know it all and a perfact gurl,,well any way I was datein her "X" and she told me that she didnt like him,,,And I dated him for 2 mouths and she went and told him I was cheating on him with every guy around and I didnt like him,,in other words she means I hated him,,I ask her did she say that and she goo'd nope and I ask every1 was it her and they goo yeah it was her,,,,And she was mad at me and him when we acted boy friend and girlfriend...her sis knowed that I was datein him cause she told my cuz that my friend was datein him and my cuz go's did u know that my cuz was datin him and she go's other friend was dont the same way by her and people told me that she was a BADDDDDD name :l
love2singgurl love2singgurl
18-21, F
Jun 21, 2007