Liar, Cheater And A Thief

It is pretty simple really. I never cared for Lance Armstrong. I have watched plenty of atheletes my entire life. Some are obnoxious but they still earn their way. With Lance, there was something else I didn't like about him; ruthlessness is a part of his persona.

I'd heard the rumblings for years about his doping and never doubted it. I was finally glad when the news came out. I was apalled by the lives he tried to destroy and the money he made all based on lies.

Even after being caught, he still kept lying. After his fellow teammates testified against him, Lance wouldn't budge.

Now he's talked to Oprah and is finally going to admit what he's done. I have no respect for him. He is a classic narcissist to the extreme. I hope he is never allowed to compete or represent any company again. Its time for him to earn an honest living like the rest of us.
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I could not of said it better myself. A "liar, a cheat, and a theif " Another person who comes to my head is Pete Rose of Baseball

He is only sorry he got caught!

I hope they make him pay back every ill gotten penny he has earned in this rotten cheating way!

Some roll model!!!!

all of what you said I agree with !!! he is an *******