I might be called anti-social nowadays. But when i was single, I was a party- goer, a wild spirit. I frequented bars with my officemates after work, "drink and be merry" was one of my mottos. After I got married, I was brought in a secluded corner where my home is my only environment aside from going out for some errands. I love being alone or be with just close friends and family. Maybe the older you get, the less you love crowded places. I feel dizzy with so much noise and crowd. Sometimes, my husband would even say I'm a real snub because he is a people person. I just feel comfort with being by myself, be with my kids or  few close friends if I ever go out which is so seldom. Silence is my refuge, books are my best friends and when I found EP, I have my  daily company.
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Aug 12, 2010