Maybe This Is My Reason Why

I have just suscribed to the group "I Was Not Allowed to Feel Or Express Anger Growing Up" and  I see how these two feelings can go together.

I feel uncomfortable in large groups, I feel better in smaller ones but too much togetherness wears me down and I need some me time pretty quickly.  

I think, at least in my case, that by having to learn how to repress my emotions at a very early age  I became very self conscious about my feelings and not being able to express them appropriately so that is why I think that now ( and for as long as I can remember) I feel odd in groups and somehow I have always felt that I don´t belong.
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I shy away from groups; take on the observer role. when I do interact and once the encounter is over, I plague myself with regret for what I may have said, certain that I didn't convey my thoughts appropriately or that my words may have offended someone. rather stay distant from encounters.

It could be that you have a highly sensitive nervous system, and get easily overwhelmed by too much going on -- have you heard of Elaine Aron's work? Her book "The Highly Sensitive Person" has helped me to understand myself much better. She has a website, . There is even a quiz you can take to help you determine if you have this trait.

Maybe it is the reason. I have a hard time appropriately expressing almost in emotion. Conflict is the worse though.

Have never been very comfortable myself and now find it more and more difficult to keep track of conversations and not be distracted by others. So it is becoming even more uncomfortable with time.