Ick, Mashed Potatos!

I could get by with the chicken, it had shake and bake on it.  I could even do the veggies, they were canned and had that canned taste, but again, I could handle that, and even slip a few in my napkin.  But the Potato's, God NOOO!!!  They always had lumps in them, and they were so thick, that they always stuck in my throat.  But tonight, tonight I needed to make it through, I had to make it to dessert, it was too good to pass up.  Tonight it was cheese curls!!!  Beautiful, Orange, cheesy, corn goodness.  I had to make it through to dinner to get to my cheese curls.  Usually i would sit and sit until my mother gave up in frustration and I just didn't get dessert, but tonight was just to good to pass up. 

I needed a plan.  My Dad was done, my sister was not home.  Just me at the table, waiting for dinner to end and get to them, wonderful cheesy goodness.  So, as I picked away at my chicken, and slipped my veggies into my napkin and dumped them into the toilet as I made my way to the bathroom, all I had left were my mortal enemies. 

The simple plan was this.......I took spoonfuls and flung them on the floor under the table.  I made sure my Mom's back was turned, then scrape....splat!!! I did this four or five times and knew it was enough to get to my dessert.  And so, proudly I beamed.... "I'm done!, Mom, I'm done, can I have them, can I have my cheese curls??"  

And so finally, the time had come, my mouth was watering.....I would soon be in heaven. All I had to do was get them and get out before anybody found out, and later, I would scoop up all my little splats of potato's all over the floor.   Little did I know, that when my Mom went to the cabinet to get them, as she turned around, from her distance she could see directly under the table.......she looked at me,...........I looked at her....holding my breath......"Up!, let's go, up to bed right now!!!"

Oh, so close!! I didn't fight it, I tried and lost the battle, I gave it all I had and lost.....well,  at least I tried.  I really wanted those cheese curls,.....damn!


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36-40, F
Feb 14, 2009