Being Mean Doesnt Get You Anywhere

Okay can we all agree that being mean to others gets you nowhere???!! Like seriously it doesn't it just makes you look bad and people aren't going to wannabe be around you and if they do then they are just as bad. I remember when I was picked on in school and people didn't really seem to care and I'm not going to lie it really hurt a lot. I remember telling my so called friends about what these 2 guys did which was saying horrible stuff about me and writing all over my pictures that said ugly girl but did they care?? No they didn't and you know what looking back on it I just couldn't believe I called those people my friends they didn't call me to hangout or anything instead they wanted to hangout with the guys that were making fun of me. They didn't want to  give me the time of day all because I didn't hard core drink or do drugs. After years had past I realized I wanted to do something so that the world could become more positive and less negative. I have plans to to do motivational speaking for young adults to spread the message that being cocky, judge mental and bullying others gets you nowhere in life instead it just makes you look like a complete fool. I also want help encourage others that if they witness bullying of others then they should immediately report it or help put a stop to it by not starting anything at all. People who are mean to others don't realize that what they are doing can affect a person mentally, physically and emotionally. This is wrong and it needs to stop if people want the world to become a more positive place because if it doesn't stop the negativity is only going to get bigger. I plan to bring a lot of good to the world by putting meanness to a stop and show people that meanness is the wrong thing to do to others

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

i appreciated your story......thankyou for sharing.

I am very proud of you for taking this stand. Your idea of being a motivational speaker/positive speaker is to be applauded. I would like to do the same thing.. Being mean and mean spirited only serves to lower oneself deeper into the pit of black lonliness and depression, and it will never win any friends. I believe we should always be as positive as possibe, trying to see the glass half full and praying for help and wisdom to do just that. WHAT POSSIBLE GOOD COULD NEGATIVITY EVER SERVE? Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you much happiness and luck and do hope you become a motivational speaker....... you are needed. Bunji

Just wrote a story along the same lines as this and I applaud you. Good luck with all your endeavors!