I Love White Men ;)

I am half Native American, I am half Mexican. I do not like men of either of these races. I like the natural white man. Although I do like when they are the thuggish ruggish type. I guess with the gangster attitude but white.
The reason I would have to say I dont like Mexican men is because I have not experienced one that wasnt the same. As boys they are immature and annoying to me. As men they are just nasty to me. Native men sit around and dont do too much that appeal to me. IDK thats just me and I am not racist I am just picky :)
mznativeprincess mznativeprincess
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1 Response Jun 23, 2011

Good who needs you.

love me some agnostic white or black girls my self maybe a Hispanic girl if she wasn't a junkie or a drunk or dumb but that is what my experience has been. Never dated a Indian girl wouldn't mind it.