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said that I'll never date a black guy nor am I one of those black women who date interracially because she's 'sick of brothas'. I'm never been attracted to them. Every since I was in elementary school I've always hung out with and was attracted to nonblack guys. I went to an all black high school and I always found myself in the friend zone with most black male that I encountered. I just dont find them attractive and for many of the brotha where I live in AZ the feeling is pretty mutual.

When I travel back east it's a bit odd because black men approach me and I'm just not interested. When my friends start talking about some black guy that they find attractive I usually say uh huh he's okay or something bland like that (which is usually the same response they give me for whatever guy I'm interested in). I noticed along time ago that when I walk into a room my eyes usually first fall on every guy except the black guys.

I dont think a guy is attracted soley because he's Asian or white or even puerto rican or a guy is unattractive because he's dark. I value personality too and when it comes down to it most of the men who I click best with aren't white. This is mainly due to the activities that I get myself into being as my friends say 'things black folks dont do'.

I'm aware that alot of black people are angered by this but it doesn't become an issue till I'm seen with someone who isn't black. For instance there were these brothas who I walked past EVERYDAY for like months who never said anything to me never paid any attention then I happen to be walking home with an Asian guy friend of mine and then these guys decided that they wanted to holla at me. Literally holler at me telling me how I was too fine to be with him and spouting out how the could please me better than he could. I'm like you never paid me any attention why the hell are you talking now?
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Sweety you do you and date who ever makes you happy. Best of luck =)

I don't think you should feel bad for how you feel......it's how you feel. When you find the right one, whether it be white, asian, indian.....or black......it's not going to matter to you what shade of skin he's wearing. It will be the man. And how he treats you. That's what will matter. Best of luck to you!