My Ex-boyfriend Is A Loser

I was with my ex-boyfriend for a little over 2 years.  I had not seen him for 25 years before we started dating.  We were friends/neighbors 25 years ago.   He knew I had $11,000 in the bank for emergencies and bills.  About six months after we started dating he began stating that I should move in with him to save money.  During that time he was telling me at least 5 or 6 times a day that he loved me and wanted me to call him on my breaks because he liked talking to me.  Before I moved in with him he neglected to tell me that some of his bills were 2x the amount of what I was paying while I was on my own.   About 10 months after I started dating him I moved in with him.  That was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life. He said we would pay the bills 50/50.  Every day he would tell me that he loved me via text message or when we were together.  A little over a year after I moved in with him the $11,000  was gone and I was using my paychecks to pay the bills.  In Nov 2010 on the last Friday I was with him in the morning he text me that he loved me, in the evening he told me to get the F out of his house.   By the weekend I was out and on that next Monday  he got a restraining order based on fraud and lies which was granted somehow for 2 years.  Now he does not want nothing to do with me.  I think he used me for the money I had and once the money was gone I was thrown out like a piece of trash.  But Karma is going to get him.  He is self-employed and has not paid taxes in 15 years and I am sure he will not pay taxes this year so now it will be 16 years.  I wrote a letter to IRS and gave them all the information I had.  I also talked to the licensing board because he does not have a license to do the work he does.  They wouldn't do anything so I sent an email to a local TV station, so now they are investigating why  the licensing board didn't followup on my inquiry and will followup regarding the tax issue.  So now I have to wait for the results, so eventually Karma will get him because he committed a felony for not paying his taxes for so long.  I am really looking forward to that.  That will teach him not to use people because I truly loved him and now I don't trust ANY MAN. 
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I was with a con guy very similar. Had me totally convinced that he loved me. The red flag should have been that, while he would get his 2 kids twice a month, he owed a lot of back child support and had been to jail once for failure to pay. He did all the texting, calling, etc and was so attentive and affectionate to me. I loved it because I had not experienced anything like the attention he gave me in all my life! I really felt loved. But I realize that guys like that dont love the girl, they love what she has to offer them at that particular time. It took me a year to see what he was up to and asked him out of my house. He begged and cried off and on for a year to come back but I stood my ground; "you have to get a steady job first'. Meanwhile he lived in hotels, with family sometimes and other times would make and cancel engagements with other women. Now he says he has met 'the one' and plans to get married to the woman he is currently living with. I still hurt from that experience and am in counseling because I miss him but I know I made the right decision by putting him out and not letting him use me.

You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to you. It's not your fault that he's an @s$%o)e. Aren't you glad you found out sooner rather than later? Be glad that you're not his current girlfriend. I feel sorry for her because she's going to be stuck with him. Just say to yourself "she can HAVE him!"