Some People At Least Smile While They Stab You In The Back

i wouldnt even trust my own grandmother,the world is full of thieves and con artists
seadragon59 seadragon59
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7 Responses Jan 3, 2011

not so much anymore, im learning i guess

Bit lonely way to live?<br />
I just try and be abit more selective with who I let really close.

i used to but ive found in the long run its better to just leave people alone and have them do the same

I know there are **** people out there, I just give everyone a chance. I have a few friends I would trust and I can count them on one hand.

There are far more good people than bad out there. I have trust issues, but I don't want it to change the person I am, bitter doesnot suit me not one little bit.

im not bitter just convinced

i guess im just a cynic i have trust issues

The world IS full of liars+deceivers Fletch,but not all are as them,admittedly few compared to their numbers.And its very,very hard to meet those who are not,partly due to their rarity and partly due to the defence mechanism we build in order to avoid being duped again+again.When someone genuine DOES come along we very rarely give them the chance to prove the fact due to past experiences.What a sad sick world we live in.