My Changing Perceptions

There was once a period in my life where I could say that I loved and respected every individual whom I've come across. However, when I got to school, I slowly began to realize that I was different, and I was abused for it in just about every way that anyone could imagine. All of that confounding abuse caused me to become a shut-in. I always had very few friends, but as I became more and more knowledgeable of what 'humanity' is, there was a period that I had no friends at all. I did not trust people, or open up to them. Today, I have a small group of friends who I can talk to, but I am still not completely comfortable with them, and would never tell them my entire saga. As I walk down the street, I am greeted with desolate people walking around with the same ignorant expressions on their faces, and I can't help but wonder why it has to be this way. I also see people who are afraid to be individuals, they are afraid of being attacked for their beliefs, and it bothers me so. These people would rather conform to the cold, cruel standards of society, than to do what they truly want to do, and follow their own aspirations. All of the abuse I have taken from people, and all of the conformity that I am greeted with on a daily basis has caused me to have, in a sense, a disdain of humanity. I feel it is a lost cause because the majority wish to follow the herd, rather than go in their own direction. They would be willing to jump off of a building because everyone else is doing it, without even thinking of the consequences, and this saddens me. To sum it all up, ignorance is NOT bliss, as much as society would like to make you believe it is. And with a world so unwilling to address its problems, it will probably never change. 
zappafan91 zappafan91
Dec 11, 2012