What To Do When You Dont Like People?

you can stay in your room all the time...and hate your life because of it...or you can tolerate people you don't like in order to avoid such a scenario...but is there another way? Is there a way to find people who you do like...and make them like you back? Is there a way to bring said people into your life to make you a happier person? Or else is there a way to make yourself like people and get more pleasure out of interacting with them?
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It helps a whole lot if you find people with whom you share some passion. I used to hang a lot with politicos and enviros. They are wonderful people, but I have diversified my friend pool now to include theatre people. I love plays, and most small theatre companies are dying for volunteers to serve on boards, manage the house, do publicity, etc. It's surprisingly easy to make good friends of actors. Whatever you enjoy, if you can give a bit of your time, you will find a **** ton of interesting friends.

Volunteer! You'll get a nice balance of interacting with people and doing your own thing. If you want to learn how to like people you have to spend more time with them. At first it'll feel really uncomfortable but then you'll get used to it, and start thinking differently about people.
Or join a club which relates to an interest you have. You might meet like-minded people there.
Maybe you need to change your attitude about people for them to make friendships work, be more interested in them and less picky about who you want to be friends with.
It may be that you live in the wrong place. In the future you could try moving to different cities and see if you like the people there better. I think that would work well if you plan on becoming a MLT.

i am spending more time with them...I am not picky about who I want to be friends with...it's just that they are very uninteresting...why do they watch tv all the time...and like shopping so much...and are obsessed with money...and with popularity...and they call me weird because I'm not lol...that's what turns me off most the time.

Oh, ok, I understand. You've got to make it easier for yourself and go to places such as clubs or volunteering positions where you'll know people are there because of similar interests. Do you like hanging out with these friends or find that it's better than not having any friends at all, that you're willing to put up with doing and talking about things that don't interest you which do them? If you do then stay patient and maintain your friendships with them and try to make the best of them.

yeah you're right

Oh, I think the world is a goldmine... but that means a lot of digging. But there are good, intelligent people out there, Shan! And you're proof of that! :)

:) thanks, i am feeling more optimistic about that today too

I'm reserved when it comes to people in most situations, though I am not shy and I can defend myself.....I pick my friends very carefully, I don't care for most people, but the ones I do chose I like very much.

I too look for the quickest exit from unpalatable interaction.... which is most interaction with people;-)

I hear you loud and clear. I think it's largely a matter of finding kindred spirits; I don't find many people interesting but when I do, I am very pleased. Also, I have found some great connections online with people I might never have met otherwise, so that is pretty cool :)

In the meantime, focus on the positive when you interact with people (everyone has some positive) and don't be afraid to excuse yourself politely after that.

im tired of people online...but in person the suck equally too