People Are The Worst Species On Earth. Or Maybe Most People.

My name is Cherrelle. Ever since i was born; people have treated me like i was the lowest piece of **** on earth. Like they was better and like i don't deserve to do the things that i want in life.Like i don't even deserve to be a parent. But in their mind it is okay for them to do it.I don't even like most people in my family.Because i have suffered every type of abuse in the book from them except sexual.And when i got grown they all disowned me and refused to help me.I even have a mental illness through no fault of my own.I was mentally abused as a kid by my own evil mother.I don't even consider her my mother anymore. She's not fit to be called my mother because of the hell she put me through as a kid.And My own father would beat me, neglect me, and call me names as a kid like even the b word.In school, i was picked on and abused by ******* and bastards called peers.And even as an adult; i still see how evil, disrespectful and ruthless people can get. even some kids act this way towards me.My relationship with men wasn't any better.Every man that i have ever trusted has disrespected me in numerous ways even mentally. I even sometimes wish i was dead or never even born. I have even lived in group home in the past where there was always someme Bastard or ***** starting touble.So i even eventualy left. Not on my own but iam glad i did. I think that People are selfish, they are mean and nasty, judgemental and they got this i am better attitude. Not realizing that they can end up in my shoes. And not seeing that their **** stinks too. I have few friends like two or three. but i am not completeley comfortable with them. So you see people? Do you feel me? People are just awful. I heard that only 144,000 people will end up in heaven. that's a low amount compared to the amount of people that ever existed. But i see why its only gonna be that much going to heaven. Sometimes i wish that i could leave the earth. Go to heaven or something. Just to get away from it all.
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Sorry to hear of your distaste for humans. Funny thing is we are all like this in one form or another. Only one way to fix it. Love!

It's funny how we who don't like people aren't bothered by people who don't like people.