Being Simple Does My Head In

For the last three years I feel as though I have been living somewhat of a lie. I never really had girl friends - I was always the girl in the the group of guys. When I went to uni I became very good friends with two girls and we would have a great time and it was fun to get dressed up and go for girls nights out in heels and make-up. I quickly got bored though. Our conversations pretty much consist of two topics, gossip about people we know, and boys (with the optional tangent on discussions about sex). Thats literally it. For three years I feel as though I have been basing my social life around fitting in with simple conversation and a life I find boring and empty - and I hate it. I dont like tarting myself up, I dont like showing off my body and wearing excessive make-up, I like to look fashionable but thats about the extent of it. I have tried to introduce new things to talk about or new things to do but it doesnt seem to make a blind bit of difference. It leaves me feeling very frustrated. I want to find some more friends.

Thats my confession.

speckledbird speckledbird
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2009