People constantly need to be told why I don't like my birthday. Why's the reason such a big deal why dont people agree to just not celebrate it. They act like I'm depriving them from christmas. Like its their holiday to enjoy. Its my birthday. Every ****** year everyone (who know I dont enjoy my birthday) try to throw me a surprise birthday party. And every year I get angry when I find out and they get sad and say things like "well we just did it so you could have a good time" well having a good time isnt inviting 50 people and scaring the **** out of me when I walk into a building. Its more like having a dinner and cake with people I actually care about. Why must people obnoxiously use my birthday as an excuse to bombard me with everything I hate. If they loved me theyd stop listening to what they want and start thinking about what I do.
lex2414 lex2414
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014