They Are In A Bad Condition Always

I get acne and scars and stretch marks on my boobs ... I just don't like them in general...

I think people have deliberately made sure I have an ugly body ... I always felt I had an ugly body even when I was young

no one ever showed me that I was pretty in anyway at all... I always felt old and decrepit and seriously ugly body 

I always felt fat even when I wasn't and I never felt pretty til it was too late to do anything about my life anyway.

I was only ever perused by ugly fat married old fools... I had no interest in... 

I feel very self conscious about the scaring and the pimples and this other rash I got recently

about 4 weeks ago I broke out into a rash all up my arms, neck, face and shoulders and breasts

I am so worried its herpes on my breasts because I used a washer at a clinic 

and I will sue them if I have to for deliberately giving me a disease...

I wasn't sure if it was the new tablets like an allergic reaction 

I was so ill on the new tablets I had to stop them

I always felt like my body was dirty and un-attractive and now its too late to care.
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3 Responses Nov 5, 2011

Even though I'm a guy I empathise. I'm tall not particularly ripped have loads of freckles glasses and no desirable features. No girl at my school shows the slightest hint of an interest in me.

You should research Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate. NOW!!!

You are only 40 at the most--why do you think that life is over? You have years to go still...many years to make improvements on your body or any other changes that you want. I was given negative messages about my body too when I was young...but have grown to embrace it most of the time...and so can you. I suggest a therapist to work on body self-image with...and you might get to the root of why only undesirable men pursue you too. It ain't over till its over, and sister, you have a long way to take a deep breath and decide to change your thinking...and the rest will follow. We are our worst critics...and I'm sure that your body is not as horrible as you think it is, and like I said before, if you don't like something about it, then take steps to learn to love yourself and to change the body along the way. All the best to you.