Uuhhgg Ggrr

I've met her three times in the last two weeks and I'm not at all impressed. The first time I got tired of waiting to be introduced so I did it myself. We were at a restaurant for my sisters birthday and she sat right in front of me. I REALLY tried to make conversation with her but she kept giving the one word answers so I focused on the 13 other ppl there and the heck with it.

2nd time was at a fair we all went too. Again about 13 of us and the entire time we were there she never even said hi. WTF?

Today was strike three! She showed up at the park and as usual not a word to me. When we went to the other lake to fish she sat on a bench so I thought now is my chance, she's all alone and has to talk to me. UUHHH NOT! I tried and tried, I spoke to her about everything from rain to gators to the kids and I'm not sure if she just hates me or has no personality at all! She talks to HIS kids but ignores mine so I know she is capable of conversation. My brother is quiet himself but if spoken to has enough manners to speak back.

I just don't get her and think that I'm doomed to seeing her at family events as the statue by the wall.


OH WAIT... just remembered the first time my sister met her was at a family/friend party (that we were not invited too). Sat next to her the entire time and not a word! And they think I have issues... GGEEZZ!

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Mar 21, 2009