Waste of Space

My sister in law to be is a complete waste of space. She only works four hours a week and the rest of her time is spent trying to cause a huge rift in our family. No one in the family likes her except for my mom (well and my brother too of course but I think he has a case of permanent beer goggles). She talks with this fake sounding posh kind of accent and is an ugly ugly person both inside and out. I am dreading the day that she becomes a part of the family. I know that I have to accept what I can't change but it is still very frustrating to know that for the rest of our lives (unless a divorce happens which we are all praying for) we are going to have to deal with someone spreading lies and causing trouble within the family. I have tried to confront her maturely about some of these things and the next thing I know I have a phone call from my mom asking me why I am being so rude to her.... she had called my mom and told her I was being "mean" to her. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt when I first met her.... in fact for six months I made every effort to try and get along with her. It really is a shame. I only have brothers and all my life I have wanted a sister..... I guess I got more than I bargained for


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1 Response May 31, 2008

You don't have to like her, but just respect that she is your brothers choice. It's not fair that you are praying for a divorce, that would bring heartache for your brother and I am sure u do not really want him to go through that. Just be the bigger person and make sure the way you behave and treat her is beyond reproach. If your family know what she is like they will not believe her lies anyway. I don't like my sisters partner and now I don't see her any more. We were very very close and I miss my niece and nephew greatly. Don't make the mistake I did and lose your sibling over his choice of partner. That creates scars that never heal.