Them And Me

Okay so I don't want to sound all sorry for myself. My family is very disfunctional like most families I guess. It starts with my grandmother who is a very bitter person. She was never a good mother to my mother she would always outcast my mother because the tone of her skin. My mother was depressed most of her teenage years until she was kicked out of home at the age of 15 because she refused to be a part of my grandmas church and get a job on a Saturday (seventh day Adventist). My grandmother hates my mum and they do not get along at all. To me my grandmother had never really had anything nice to say about me except for one occasion and that's when I graduated and she was only happy so she could show of in front of her friends. She gave me money here and there I never asked to be honest but whenever she has the chance she would never let me forget she expects me to praise her for giving me £20. Recently my mother had a very messy divorce with my step father. My real father died when I was young. And my mother has had to move back into my grandmas along with me just finishing uni. Since we moved in she would leave notes all around the house. Like do not use the toilet paper. And she would do things like turn of the Internet, take all the knives and folks out the kitchen. Lock the front room and her bedroom. She had even made me and my mum share a bed by taking out the other beds in our room. And she even went to extremes of turning the heating off in our room. She truly hates us. I don't mind all of her spitefull petty doings it's just my mother is in a really low place right now and it's like my grandma is just kicking her when she is down. Mg mum is all i have. She had threatend us that she is going to lock us out the house. I just cant take it anymore. I don't know why she hates us so much. This may seem really bad but I'm not perfect myself but the other day when she was shouting at me I told her that one day she will need ME.
I feel like I have got a little of my chest not. I have made plans to move out in the new year but I fear that when I leave this house I will never see my grandmother again.
Jessanne Jessanne
Dec 6, 2012