Love The Ones Your With?

There comes a time where you are bursting at the seams to admit that you don't like your family. We've already learned that I hate my sister but now its' my parents causing me agita. I'm 25 still at home for financial reasons. I am trying so hard to crave a independent life for myself that I feel my parents are unconsciously trying to undermine. My mom is very nosy, she thinks everything is her business just because she over hears a conversation or sees a piece of mail. I know my mom means well and she wants to be apart of her life but as harsh as it sounds I only want her there if I invite her in. My mom however is still the one I can relate to best as we can enjoy many shared experiences together. My dad and I have run out of things to talk about years ago, we hardly relate to each other and I feel that i've disappointed him because I choose to not listen to him any more when it comes to what I should do with my life. My sister is still as annoying and present as ever. I sincerely wish I was in a position to not be financially dependent on my parents ( they pay my phone,care and health insurance right now) and its this fact hanging over me that I'm, bound to them. A part of it is me- but I want us to live together but separate. I'm going crazy here waiting for acceptance to grad school so I can move away.
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

I'm the same age as you and I completely can't wait until I move out! It might even be lonely since I will be alone all the time, but to have to deal with my parents everyday isn't worth it. They are so controlling and don't like the fact that I am my own person, not their clone.

Hey chick, I am a 30 year old gay man in the same situation as you!! Yes I know, what are 25 and 30 year old adults doing living with their folks? That's what most of society thinks but hey ho here we are! I seem to have returned to being my teenage self and retreat to my room each night, where I smoke out of the window and pinch an odd bottle of my parents wine cellar! What a joke!!! Lol! But like you, I am not in a financial position to support myself. I too, have run out of things to talk about with my dear father and my mother is nosier than the nose of pinocchio but I do have much more in common with her and we share common interests! My brothers are self righteous know it alls and I don't have much time for them (but I do love them - I just don't like the materialistic snobs they are)!!!

Anyway, I am waiting on a start date for a new job and I will be off soon too so what I am trying to say is don't worry....there are those of us like you and feel exactly the same!! We'll be out of the situation soon!!!

All the best