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6 Basket Cases Stuck In One House

Let me start with a summary of how things are now:
My dad - a struggling alcoholic, obese, still smoking after recently having a heart attack, money maker, had an affair, struggling to keep a crumbling marriage together, horrible spender, hoarder, very few friends and limited social life, can't talk to him about anything other than school and work.
My mom - Depression, Fibromyalgia, Menopausal, bum ankle, does nothing but complain about any little detail she can fine, very few friends and limited social life, hates her part time job, thinks her dog hates her, serious anger bursts, no filter, near drug addict, obese, constantly angry.
My older sister - works, sleeps, eats, does not make an effort in any household matters, obese, close to zero social life, incredibly lack of common sense, depression, IBS, near legally blind, and anxiety disorder.
My older brother - lives in the basement, eats our food, extremely busy social life, does not work, does not pay rent, has segregated me since childhood and I don't know why. He will talk to anyone in the family except me. I haven't had a full conversation with him in over six years. He is the only one in the family who seems to be decently healthy.
Me - Depression, anger issues, I am the only one who cleans anything, everybody always comes to me with their problems, in university, no job, prioritized very close friendships, introvert, high goals but zero motivation, might as well be bipolar with all the contradictions of my very being.
My younger sister - going into high school but still cannot read or write properly, unhealthy, low self esteem, good social life, so far from self sufficient it sickens me, lack of common sense.
I'm always cleaning up the mess, always being the struggling peacekeeper, always feeling the weight of this so called "family" on my shoulders. I have enough on my plate in my individual life and can feel my knees buckling under this crushing burden of a crumbling "family".
Kriegerin Kriegerin 18-21, F Feb 7, 2013

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