I Can't Get Along With My Father

 My father is not  a very agreeable person. no matter how hard i try to get along with him he'll always be an *******. he 's always threatning me, putting me down, no matter what the situation is im always wrong and i have to pay for it.  I know i shoudn't hate him but it really hard to do otherwise. but I always think to myself what's wrong with me?? am i normal ?? i mean like I hate my father with a passion. i envy all the kids out there who have a loving father who is  nice and doesn't always argue, and shout and......doesn't have use agressive physical force to get his way.  I know for a fact he doesn't even give a **** about me which is why i can't wait to move out and get away from him. He;s always nicer to my younger brother and sister, gives them goodnight kisses and hugs. he walks right past me and says nothing.  I beleive his hatred for me all started when I was about 12 or 13 and touched one of his valuable comics I apoligized  but he kept shouting at me  so put my guard up and started taking back because i soooo frustrated. He responded by hitting me multiple times, pushing  and slapping me around he tried to choke me but that's when my mom steppedin after watching the whole thing go down, but ever since then he;s been a big fat pain in the ***.  not to long ago this guy asked on my first date, my mom was okay with it but dad told me no. he said to me this is me getting back at you for all you've done even though I spent all my time working hard to get along   trying to gain his respect...... I thiunk i've just cracked! i've reached my boiling point I don't care any ******* more i'm done trying. I just can't standing him any more.....
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

I am in the same situation at the moment without the physical violence. My dad is ALWAYS right and i am always wrong no matter how ridiculous the situation is. Last week I went to a teenage clinic at my local doctors and they have been really helpful. I still hate my dad and find it hard to be in the same room but i feel better knowing someone with a bit of experience and no personal knowledge of my family is helping me to sort it out.

It might not get sorted out but these people are also helping me to think about my future and what im gonna do. im a bit younger so i dunno but hope you get it sorted :)