We Dont Talk Anymore

Looking back, he was a real jerk. He was mucho, arrogant, a cop, selfish, he liked to party with booze & women. I will give him this..he did the best he could as a single parent back in the 60's with help from his parents. i never went without anything, private school for 12yrs, braces, new clothes, endless supply of cash, at 21 i had an open tab at his bar, a new car EVERY year until i turned 27yrs old. When i met my current husband, the money train stopped. Daddy taught me alot....about how to study people, to get to the core of them, especially men. To listen closely to what ppl say...thats how criminals get caught, they talk too much. keep the answers short & brief. Stay out of the sun, dont smoke, dont be that woman at the bar..who is like a doorknob. Your spouse is a reflection of you..make sure he looks good. Take care of yourself first, no one else will. Make yourself happy and when you try to make others happy you end up miserable...life lessons from daddy....if i think of anything more i will add....

i stopped talking to him back in 2001 after a death in my family. I told him "you dont owe me anything anymore"
I always felt he did alot of stuff out of guilt...sometimes i used it to get out i wanted other times i just couldnt do it.
he is so mean i think he will out live my entire family.
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I dont like or love my father in a very secure open way,
so I can relate! ............

For the most part he raised you and your siblings as as a single father getting the help of his parents. You had a new car from the age of 21-27 that you didn't even have to pay for. Are you serious? You should be more appreciative. You sound like a spoiled brat. Yeah your father is a cop and cops tend to have naturally abrasive personalities that's what makes them good at their jobs. If it wasn't for his abrasive personality you wouldn't have had a series of new cars every year from 21-27. He went out a-lot and partied with women..I mean where was your mother at? It doesn't seem like she was in the picture much... Maybe she wasn't a good wife doesn't seem like she held it down. He probably felt lonely and depressed. Maybe you're the ******* not your father. Past the age of 23-24 your parents don't need to be buying you expensive cars every year. You're an ingrate. Get over yourself.

well....i think that too sometimes. i was in the same boat with the family getting pregnant and having to get married and that was the 80's!!!!! <br />
if i could do it again...i would NOT...maybe thats why i am not very close with my oldest son...resentful, i hate to say. man, hind sight is 20/20....best wishes to you my friend

held accountable? i hope so. the thing with dad is i don't think he wanted to be married or have kids. he got mom pregnant and in the 50's, a guy did the "right" thing by marrying the woman, you know? i think if he could turn back time he wouldn't have done any of it.

Sorry to hear that Jerrica. I know there are some men out there that are like that. I think fear has a huge part in it, not providing or maybe he just thinks "out of sight out of mind"..either way, he will be held accountable for his actions in this life or the next. <br />
<br />
I am a firm believer that we are given children not so that we can mold them into mini-me's but so they are change us, think about how much a person changes when they have children. sometimes not always for good but for the most part they do...

even though you don't like him, you got far more from your dad than i got from mine in the way of life lessons and material goods. mine didn't care enough to provide either.

you are soooooo correct. i do still send him photos of the kids and on the back i always write info for him to snoop with...its what he does and very well. so, i know he is still around out there....i did tell him thank you and i apologized when my daughter left at 17yr old to live with her 21yr b/f..i told him..."i now understand what i put you through and my only thought is that my daughter wont realize her mistake until shes my age"...he as a person is a jerk, as a father he taught me so much...i think thats why i think more like a man than i do a woman since mom wasnt there during the important parts of my life....its funny cuz my X always called me "dickhead" i asked why..he said "youre just like your dad!"