My Dad's Not Responsible

My Dad probably never heard the word "responsibilities". He's not
responsible of us kids once we're over 21.

Like when Hurricane Rita hit my sister's home. He didn't bother rescuing her and her two young girls!

After I found out my sister had to call our step-mom for help. She got her a ticket to fly out to Alaska where our step-mom lived and had to leave the girls behind with their step dad who doesn't care about them. I got mad and told my Dad off and told him I'm finished with him indefinitely.

When I badly inured my leg back in 2005, I wanted my Dad. I needed him. I didn't know where he was. So I had to use my calling card to call three different states, hoping to reach him. All I got was his voicemail. I left him messages.
He never returned my calls, let alone caring the fact that I was badly hurt.

Screw that man! I hate him for this!
He's not my Dad! He's just a guy who screwed my mother and had me.

It hurt alot when he told me he didn't want to raise me because I'm disabled!

I don't know the man, and I wish I never met the loser of a guy.
noaht43 noaht43
46-50, T
Aug 27, 2012