My Dad Is "That Guy".

Most men have dirty magazines and/or movies.  I am not ignorant or uptight about ***********.  What any man wants to do in the privacy of his own home is none of my business, including my father.  HOWEVER if we go out in public he ogles every semi-atractive woman and makes inappropriate comments.  He's done this since I was a kid, but now that I'm an adult and realize how it feels to be the woman ogled by "that guy" I am so appaled!  He doesn't just tell me and my husband these things, he will even say it to the woman's face.  We went to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday a few  years ago and we had a very cute teenage girl as our waitress.  My dad actually said "You're so cute, maybe I should just take you home".  She was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassed, as were my husband and I.  Plus she was like 16! 

I sent him some of our wedding pictures last week and he phoned me to let me know he received them.  I called him back, and rather than a "Wow, you looked really nice" or "That was a pretty dress"  I got "Well, I have to say that dress is awfully revealing", which it isn't.  I'm showing some cleavage, but my god, I am chesty and I don't really have to try.  It's a popular style (sort of like a formal version of the famous Marylin Monroe dress...except I'm obviously not standing over a vent).  I was hurt, but I didn't say anything. 

He's getting a mail order bride.  Well, he's too weird to carry on a "normal" relationship, so he went to one of those picture gallery "choose the cute foriegn chick you want to talk to" web sites and well...picked one.  She lives in the Phillipenes.  I have really tried to keep an open mind about the whole situation, but after our conversation the other day my worst suspicions were confirmed.  He does indeed just want a subserviant maid/sex slave.  It just makes my stomach turn.  At least she's in her 30's, versus some 19 year old, but still.  I have become so ashamed of who my father is, and worst of all he's being an insensetive jerk to me.  What can I do?


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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

i made a story like this, where my father takes Sildenafil pills. He slapped me for telling my mom everything about it. Dad said 'I just want my life back'. I never really understand it

ur married now , u don,t need him anymore , make him realise that...

Try living your life for a few months without him in it.<br />
He sounds very selfish and really a jerk. I know he is your dad, but try keeping busy and not seeing him.<br />
You may just find peace.