Three Of The Biggest Reasons....

I cannot say I hate my father. But i certainly have no respect for him, and do not like him.  In fact, i avoid visiting my mom, whom i love, because of him.  There are a couple of reasons i don't like him.

1. When i was 17, i had my first child.  I was single at the time, living with my parents, still in high school. I had no money or resources of my own.  My son was born with an atrial septal defect (a hole in his heart) that would require surgery before the age of two.  My dad was in the military, and as his dependant, my son would get the best care, free of i let my parents adopt him, with the understanding that after the surgery, and my son's return to complete health, i would regain custody of him.  It was meant to be a temporary situation.....famous last words.  I NEVER regained custody of my son.  He calls my dad "daddy" and my mom "mama".  He calls me Penny, but we are very close..more like a "twin" relationship , than that of mother/son.  I have never forgiven my father for that.

2. I cannot abide the way he treats my's like she's his personal slave.  He retired from the military in 1978, and has not held a job since.  My mom continued to work...even after her heart attack, until a few years ago.  He has sat on his *** and let her be the one to make sure ends were met.  And all the while, she was also doing ALL the housework, and waiting on him hand and foot.  She hates the way he treats her, but is too afraid to leave.  I have no respect for him , for the way he treats her.

3. There is something that's happened recently that has made my blood boil....and taken what little familial feeling i had left for him. Due to circumstances beyond the control of either of US, Tiger is taking me away to live with him in a state many hundreds of miles from here.  He cares so much for  his stubborn personal opinions, that he'd rather not see the only daughter with whom he HAS  a relationship , before i leave for God knows how long, than to allow Tiger "in his house".  He has failed to say anything of the kind to fact , has not mentioned Tiger at any context.  No..coward that he is, he relays the message through my mom, who is desperate to meet Tiger , before he whisks me away.

There are more reasons, but these are the largest ones.  I see no hope of ever being close to lack of respect for him, due to his own actions, coupled with his pigheadedness, pretty much precludes any such thing.

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Sweetheart, I will still be here on EP, and prolly writing everything that happens, as i am always doing!! LOL!!<br />
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My son had open heart surgery when he was a year and a half old, and has recovered from that completely, thank God! He has grande mal epilepsy , though it's managed with meds. We are very close.<br />
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Thank you so much for caring, Ever...